thOn Wednesday, January 21, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it urged the European Union to prevent the construction of the pipeline “Nord Stream – 2”.
Also note that this resolution calls for the full use of the transit potential of Ukraine, through which every year in Europe is supplied about 40% of the total volume of Russian gas.
“(The European Parliament, – Ed.) Urges Member States to utilize fully the transit potential of Ukraine as well as to strengthen cooperation in order to ensure the supply of the EU and Ukraine in order to avoid the construction of new pipelines bypassing Ukraine, in particular, Nord Stream II”, – said in a resolution.
In addition, the document notes that the pipeline that “Gazprom” plans to build in partnership with a number of European companies under the Baltic Sea, may hinder the implementation of the EU strategy to diversify its energy sources.
As reported, on Wednesday 20 January, “Gazprom” announced the termination of the agreement on the gas pipeline project “South Stream”