The company was founded in 2004. Engaged in processing and sale of recycled granular and agglomerated raw materials such as:

• Low-pressure polyethylene – blow (LDPE, HDPE)
• Low-pressure polyethylene – molding (HDPE, HDPE)
• Low-pressure polyethylene – molding (beer crate)
• Low-pressure polyethylene – analogue of 273, 276, 277, 278
• Low density polyethylene – analogue 153 (HDPE, LDPE)
• Low density polyethylene – analogue 158 (HDPE, LDPE)
• Linear low density polyethylene stretch (LLDPE)
• The compositions of low density polyethylene (LLDPE + LDPE)
• Secondary reclaimed stretch (for shingles, roofing material)
• secondary granules for the production of polyethylene pipes
(Analogue – PE 100, PE-80, PE-63, PE-69)
• Polystyrene (PS, HIPS)
• Polypropylene secondary (PPR, PP)
• Sinter stretch (linear low density polyethylene)
• crushed polystyrene, ABS
• crushed vegetable drawer polypropylene (PP)
• crushed mixture of HDPE + SS for Polymer products
• Talkonapolennye composite materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene)

Manufacturing of regranulate custom color and composition.

4 reasons to buy secondary granular materials company Polimers

– Work with the orders of any size. We are sympathetic to the fact that for the manufacture of plastic products require a different amount of material. Here you can order a volume of 30 kg., Up to 300 tons.

– Free consultations. Our specialists will orient you in the selection of the range of the secondary granules, and also help you choose the right color of secondary raw materials, as well as the technical characteristics of the secondary prompt regranulate.

– Valuable tips from an experienced technologist. Before you buy a quality secondary material, we recommend to try obraztsy- up to 10 kg., Sent free of charge. If after receipt of the samples you have any questions, our engineer will tell you, and will help to solve all the nuances associated with our material.

– Adequate cost. Due to the direct supply of raw materials, we can buy the polyethylene secondary, Polystyrene secondary, Polypropylene secondary to the most reasonable prices in Ukraine. For example, high-pressure polyethylene you can buy from 15 UAH

Buy Polyethylene granulated Ukraine – managers of manufacturing companies are increasingly asking this question in the search engines, the Internet is the fastest and cheapest method of finding customers and demand in the polyethylene granules due to its universal use and easy to manufacture its products, it is a polyethylene film or a tube, and more more. Also it should be noted that polyethylene is chemically and hardy, good insulator, not sensitive to shock has cushioning properties, is softened by heating (80-120 ° C), upon cooling solidifies, adhesion (sticking) – extremely low, which makes it attractive polyethylene for manufacturers.

The secondary granulated polyethylene, secondary granulated polystyrene secondary granular Polypropylene is increasingly gaining popularity among manufacturers, the reason is the growing quality and of course the low price of pellets.
The most extensive application of the polymer industry can be considered as the production of plastic films for technical and household purposes. Polyethylene has the best qualities for the creation of packaging material: low density, good chemical resistance, small water absorption, high strength, flexibility, extensibility, and elasticity. If we take for example any store or supermarket, there almost all the goods packed in plastic wrap: bread, vegetables, meat, and not only products and household goods. And of course at the heart of the film and shrink-stretch film also is polyethylene.

Standardization and designation of polyethylene in the Ukrainian market – PE, but can meet other designation of the material: PE -polietilen, LDPE, PEBD, PELD, LDPE, HDPE is still low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, as HDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PEHD – high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, LDPE, MDPE, PEMD -polietilen average density, ULDPE – ultra low density polyethylene, VLDPE -polietilen very low density, LLDPE, LLDPE, PELLD – LLDPE, LMDPE – linear medium density polyethylene, HMWPE, PEHMW, VHMWPE so denote high molecular weight polyethylene. HMWHDPE – high molecular weight high density polyethylene, PEUHMW or UHMWPE – ultra-high molecular polyethylene, UHMWHDPE ultrahigh high density polyethylene, PEX or XLPE – linked polyethylene, PEC, CPE chlorinated polyethylene, EPE – expandable polyethylene, mLLDPE or MPE marking metallocene linear low density polyethylene.