sabicCurrently, about one-third of the food produced worldwide is lost or discarded. These annual losses, according to Save Food Report Food and Agriculture Organization, equivalent to a loss of 1.3 billion tons of food. Even in the most developed countries, such as Germany, 4% of the transported food spoiled due to lack of stability of the palletized load.

Saudi company, SABIC, one of the leading manufacturers in the field of petrochemistry, announces that at the international exhibition of plastics industry By 2016, that prpoydёt in Düsseldorf 19-26 October 2016, it will introduce a new produkutsiyu and technologies designed to address the problems of the food market , including a number of solutions for the packaging industry.
Multilayer materials and technology of SABIC polymer blends are designed to help manufacturers reduce transportation losses, optimize the protection of goods, improve the stability of the cargo on pallets by increasing the strength of shrink and stretch films.

SABIC technologies can also reduce the impact of the package on the environment by reducing the film thickness by 20% in comparison with existing modern counterparts.

SABIC Solutions for flexible packaging is already making a significant contribution to reducing food losses. Suitable polymers PE / PP SABIC production play an important role in soszdanii multilayer barrier films, which provide a longer shelf life of fresh and chilled products, cheese and meat.