European automakers are halting production amid the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, Interfax said.

The French car manufacturer PSA Group, which manufactures cars under the brands Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Vauxhall and Opel, announced the closure of all enterprises in Europe until March 27.

PSA plants in French Mulhouse and Madrid have not been operating since Monday, three more enterprises are closing in France in Spain, in Zaragoza Spain, two German plants, as well as enterprises in the UK and Poland. Since March 18, factories in Portugal, the French Order and Spanish Vigo have been halting production, and since March 19, in British Luton and Slovakia.

Fiat Chrysler will suspend almost all production for the next two weeks. Eight enterprises will be closed, including six in Italy.

Renault SA temporarily ceases industrial operations in Spain after the introduction by the government of the country of emergency for 15 days. The suspension will last until the cancellation of this regime, the French automaker said in a statement. The company plans to quickly restore production after the crisis.

French tire maker Michelin has announced the closure of companies in Italy, Spain and France for at least a week from Tuesday. The company notes that the period of suspension of work, depending on the development of the situation, can be extended, as well as introduced in other European countries.

German Volkswagen reported that it is becoming difficult to maintain production volumes at European plants due to interruptions in the supply of components, as well as the introduction of emergency modes by various countries in the region.

At the same time, the company noted an improvement in the situation in China, where 31 of its 33 enterprises resumed work.

The Italian VW factories, which produce Lamborghini and Bugatti, have already suspended production, as well as the Spanish factories for the production of SEAT, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The N-TV channel on Tuesday announced that Volkswagen will suspend production on March 20 due to coronavirus. At the same time, it was not specified which plants of the company are in question.

It was previously noted that Russian industry has not yet been very affected by the coronavirus. The violation of the production and logistics chains with China against the background of the coronavirus epidemic has not yet led to dramatic consequences for Russian industry, but authorities continue to monitor the situation, said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov last week, and among industries that are significantly dependent on supplies from China, he, in particular, called the auto industry.

It was also reported that KAMAZ, the largest Russian manufacturer of trucks, will work in April according to the standard schedule of a five-day work week, thereby refusing to introduce an incomplete work week in the next month. Production is fully secured by orders and components and will complete the April production plan on time. Thus, there is no need to adjust the work schedule; the question of part-time work in the second half of April has been removed. This measure was discussed in connection with the risk of a decrease in the supply of components from China caused by the exacerbation of the epidemiological situation of coronavirus.

In addition, AvtoVAZ, the largest passenger car manufacturer in Russia and Eastern Europe, does not plan to revise its production plan due to an outbreak of pneumonia in China caused by the new coronavirus. The company operates a crisis headquarters, which monitors the development of the situation. The company has a sufficient supply of necessary auto components manufactured in China.

Meanwhile, the Kaliningrad Avtotor plant expects problems with obtaining components in connection with the spread of coronavirus. In connection with the shutdown of plants in South Korea, disruptions in the supply of components and, as a result, a decrease in production volumes are expected. The issue of adjusting the plant’s work schedule is currently being discussed, and decisions made will be announced later.