Lviv garbage travels around the country again. A pile of trash was found among the Bukovinian forest, half a kilometer from a legal dump. A special commission found that the waste is still Lviv, as there are a lot of checks from the local shops in the garbage.

This mountain of garbage was unloaded by unknown people at night near the forest. A pile of rubbish was noticed by a local forester. In the morning there was already a mountain of waste. Literally 500 meters did not reach Khotin dump. Such impudence outraged everyone. Utilities, officials and police found out – waste from Lviv. Here are checks from shops, tickets for the Korosten – Lviv train, torn copies of documents.

Dmitry Potemkovsky, director of KP “Khotinblagoustroy”:

“We saw congratulations from certain officials from the city of Lviv, we saw checks from night clubs, payment for payments. It is in bulk, it needs to be loaded. And this is needed by people, equipment, fuel, work and a certain period of time. It’s very difficult to get out of here in a day. ”

On their own, the Hotchins do not want to clean the garbage hill. Otherwise, they say, then more trash will be brought here. They wait until the police find those who dumped waste in the middle of the forest. They face a fine.

Anastasia Roshka, a local Khotyn police:

“This fact is being verified. A vehicle is also being installed that could have been involved in the spilling of garbage in a forest belt on the outskirts of Khotyn. ”

The news has repeatedly told about such tossing of Lviv garbage. Where only Lviv garbage did not go after several fires at the waste landfill in Gribovichi, which was eventually closed. Lviv officials deny themselves from the garbage pile dumped in Bukovina.

Sergey Babak, deputy mayor of the Lviv city mayor for security issues, said in the Today news on the Ukraine TV channel:

“This is a shameful case, of course. We and our side will conduct an investigation. If nevertheless one of the Lviv carriers did this, we will not work with him anymore. ”

A representative of the Lviv government has already arrived to sort out the situation in Khotyn. This is the head of the waste management department.