The Chinese resort city of Sanya in southern Hainan is the first in the country to join the initiative of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) “a city without plastics,” reports TASS.

The corresponding memorandum of cooperation was signed on March 27 between the city government and the foundation’s representative office in Beijing, the Nanhaiwan information resource reports. The document provides for the assistance of the World Wildlife Fund Sanya in its progressive development and achievement of the goal – “a city without waste.” In particular, we are talking about the support of the foundation for the study of new technologies, the promotion of educational projects in the field of ecology, and also the improvement of administrative control in matters of waste disposal.

A related initiative was launched by WWF in 2019. It aims to improve the environmental situation in cities by reducing and eliminating the use of disposable plastic products and promoting waste processing technologies. The main emphasis is on promoting the initiative in world famous megacities and major tourist centers such as the city of Sanya. The fund expects that by 2030 about 1 thousand megacities around the world will join the initiative “cities without plastic”. There are currently about 20 of them.

The authorities of Hainan Province, which have been paying great attention to environmental issues in recent years, have announced a ban on the production, sale and use of a wide range of disposable plastic products from December 1. First of all, this applies to bags and cutlery containing polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, ethylene vinyl acetate and polyethylene terephthalate. In accordance with the decree, in the future, the authorities intend to expand the list of prohibited plastic items.

In January, the Chinese government launched a program to completely abandon polymers in a number of domestic applications by 2026, gradually replacing them with new materials. The authorities plan to form a diversified system of control over plastic waste, to tighten the production, transportation, sale and disposal of such goods. In accordance with this program, in the largest cities of China, shops, restaurants, pharmacies and other places where mass consumers are being served will completely abandon plastic packaging, cutlery and drinking straws in 2020.