BASF has signed a joint development agreement with Security Matters to develop plastics tracking solutions.
Plastics have unique characteristics and – if handled properly – can contribute to a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. However, recycled plastic loses its mechanical properties due to the decomposition of the polymer and residual impurities.

Digital twin

The partnership between BASF and Security Matters is believed to be the answer to this question. Security Matters will introduce its technology to provide physical and digital tracking of closed-loop processing. Its tracking and tracing solution marks physical objects with a unique and immutable chemical-based bar code and connects them to a digital counterpart.

The barcode withstands production and processing without altering the appearance or performance of the object.
Using patented technology, the barcode captures a wide range of information embedded in plastic, and can be used to validate sustainability claims and significantly improve sorting accuracy.

In addition, the collaboration uses BASF’s extensive experience in plastic additives, regulatory know-how and understanding of the value chain for plastics. The two companies will also combine their research and development capabilities and the necessary resources under the agreement.