☝There was a new issue of distribution of MusOboz issue No. 87 dated 03/27/2019💡
You can find a lot of useful information in it, for example:
– Everything is possible: recycling of polymers in the Russian Federation
– The first polypropylene granules obtained on ZapSibNeftekhim
– Kievans have learned to earn on garbage
– Only 5% of people are able to answer 10 questions about garbage
– Bobst’s new SiOx coating technology
– “TechnoNIKOL” launched the production of insulation of pipes from expanded polystyrene
– Norwegian manufacturers do not sink into the sea of ​​plastic waste
– How to sort garbage correctly: a chat bot came out to help
🎯Permanent link to the release http://archive.sendpulse.com/u/MTc5MjA5/Abe2bc09/