BASF is first started to use the concept of mass balance in the production of dispersions for interior paints. In the process of manufacturing of binders, sold under the brand name Acronal (r), BASF fully replace fossil raw materials with renewable raw materials. The DAW Company, a manufacturer of paints from Ober-Ramstadt (Hessen, Germany), is already using one of these dispersions in formulations of their products “premium” category.
Biomass is already being used as a raw material in the production of basic products included in the dispersions. In the future, using the mass balance concept, which was developed jointly by BASF specialists and service staff of technical supervision expert organization TUV SUD, the distribution of shares on the variances of biomass will be in accordance with their recipes.
Products manufactured in this manner, the composition, quality and characteristics identical to analogues manufactured based on fossil raw materials. “This approach, involving the use in the production of renewable raw materials, environmental certification, helps conserve fossil resources and reduce emissions of” greenhouse “gases. Accordingly, we help our customers to develop the formulation of interior colors, combining responsibility for protecting the environment without sacrificing high-quality products “, – said Robert Heger, Vice-President of the European BASF units for the production of dispersions for architectural coatings and construction. “Professional painters and decorators need affordable and environmentally friendly products that are easy to operate and can be stored for a long time, – said Wolfgang Hoffmann, head of the product line of the company Caparol DAW. – Offering new varieties of colors, which include dispersion, manufactured from renewable raw materials, we act as pioneers and occupy the vacant niche in this market segment. ” DAW Company is one of the European leaders in the field of architectural coatings production.
It uses high-dispersion interior paints formulations placed on the market under the brand-name names Caparol and Alpina. As of March 2016, these products are traded in retail sales. Dispersions and pigments division as part of BASF develops, produces and sells worldwide a wide range of high-quality pigments, resins, functional additives and polymer dispersions. This raw material is used in the manufacture of paints, printing and packaging, construction chemicals, adhesives, sizing compositions for fibers, plastics, and electronic devices (e.g., displays).
With an extensive product range and significant sectoral competence, dispersions and pigments division offers customers innovative solutions that contribute to sustainable development and improving the use of formulations.