SIBUR is Russia’s largest integrated gas processing and petrochemical company.

Fuel and raw materials segment includes:

1) the collection and recycling of associated petroleum gas (APG), derived from the major Russian oil companies;
2) transportation, fractionation, and further processing of various types of hydrocarbon raw materials produced by the Group or purchased from major oil and gas companies in Russia;
3) marketing and sale of fuel and raw materials: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), naphtha, wide fraction of hydrocarbons (NGL), methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and other fuels and fuel additives.

Fuel and raw materials The Group operates on the domestic and international markets, as well as guides as a raw material in the petrochemical business for further processing in the basic polymers, synthetic rubbers, plastics, organic synthesis products, semi-finished products and other petrochemical products.

The Group owns and operates the most extensive in Russia comprehensive infrastructure for the processing and transportation of associated gas and natural gas liquids, predominantly located in Western Siberia – Russia’s largest oil and gas producing region. This infrastructure includes eight of the nine active gas processing plants (GPP) in Western Siberia (including the joint venture with “Gazprom oil”), five compressor stations and three gas fractionating plant (HFCs).