The goal of the new ECO platform “Before nature with good” is to rationalize the use of natural resources and protect the environment

By the end of the year, the company is investing in waste sorting, coffee cake recycling and a battery collection and disposal project. In 2021, Wog plans to expand its participation in environmental projects and cover more areas.

The goal of the new ECO-platform “Before Nature with Good” is to rationalize the use of natural resources and protect the environment, as well as to popularize and educate Ukrainians in the principles of eco-responsibility and care for the environment.

“For Wog, caring for the environment is not just part of a business strategy, it is our personal responsibility. We are all Ukrainians, and we want our children to live in an ecologically safe country. Therefore, as representatives of big business, we want to inspire people by our example. take a more responsible attitude towards the environment and use natural resources more rationally, “said Elena Osipchuk, curator of the platform and director of communications at Wog.

According to her, all the company’s eco-initiatives – from the production of solar energy to the sale of bamboo eco-cups, which the company produces in limited editions for its own social projects and holidays – are aimed at promoting eco-responsibility among the network’s customers.

However, in addition to investing in the company’s successful development, a key factor for Wog is the ability to improve the country’s environmental safety. Today in Ukraine the situation with environmental pollution is simply catastrophic – only 5% of the waste generated in the country is sent for recycling. Whereas in the EU, up to 2/3 of all waste is recycled annually, some of which is used to produce heat.

Waste sorting

The first stage in the implementation of eco-initiatives within the “Before Nature with Good” platform is the launch of waste sorting at the Wog filling station. The tanks, which can be found at 34 gas stations in the capital, are designed for the separate collection of plastic, glass and paper. They are marked with different colors and special symbols in accordance with the accepted international classification. Garbage from these bins is delivered to specialized recycling centers. In the near future the company plans to expand the geography of the project.

Waste sorting is very important both for the environment and for the country’s economy, because the manufacture of certain types of products from secondary raw materials consumes 60% less energy, while also saving important natural resources. Responsible waste sorting allows you to recycle up to 80% of waste.

Processing of coffee pomace

In order to improve the environmental friendliness of work, Wog together with the Ukrainian eco-company Blue Ocean Solutions (BOS) are launching a project for the processing of coffee pomace. Now the coffee cake remaining after the preparation of coffee in the network coffee machines will be collected for further transformation into convenient and eco-friendly cup holders.

In addition, coffee cake from gas stations in Lutsk goes for processing to the Pasternak company, where it is used for the production of organic fertilizer – vermicompost.

And also, in order to reduce the use of plastic, which has a detrimental effect on nature around the world, the chain has abandoned the use of plastic straws for drinks – their ecological paper counterpart is offered at all sites of the company.

Collection and disposal of batteries

Another eco-initiative of the company aimed at the preservation of nature was the decision to launch a project for the collection and disposal of used batteries. This initiative is being implemented in conjunction with the NGO “Batteries, Give Up!”, Which guarantees 100% correct disposal of all collected batteries at a specialized factory in Romania.

One small battery can contaminate an average of 16m2 of fertile soil, so it is extremely important to organize responsible disposal of this type of waste. And given the fact that Wog gas stations are located throughout the country, residents of remote areas, small towns and villages of Ukraine will finally be able to hand over used batteries.