A change in the eco-tax distribution reform was prepared to adapt the state environmental policy to international standards.

Funds paid by enterprises as an environmental tax have not been channeled for environmental needs since 2015, which is troubling industry experts and environmentalists, and to correct the situation, people’s deputies Oksana Zaruzhko and Maxim Efimov prepared a bill designed to increase the efficiency of using funds in this area. This was reported by the authors of the project in the comments for the “Apostroph”. Representatives of the Verkhovna Rada noted that the change in the reform of the distribution of the eco-tax was prepared in order to adapt the state environmental policy to international standards. “Pollutants have no incentive to increase attention to the environmental issue.

As it is cheaper for them to pay this environmental tax, than to invest huge funds in eco-modernization. That is why, having studied the experience of our European partners, in particular the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Sweden, where state partnerships of key industries and energy on environmental modernization are created, we want to introduce a similar model in Ukraine ” so that up to 70% of the environmental tax that is charged to each enterprise can be automatically returned if the enterprise has carried out environmental modernization and has proved its effectiveness.

“We propose to change the Budget and Tax Code in such a way that enterprises have tax incentives to invest in long-term projects of environmental modernization. And after the Ministry of Ecology and Nature examines and confirms that this modernization is really beneficial for Ukraine’s environment – up to 70% of the accrued environmental tax, enterprises could save, they were reimbursed these funds. This will be done automatically, like how it is happening now with tax and value added “, – explained the author of the project.

It should be noted that this problem was discussed by experts during the International Forum Innovation Market. The text of the forum’s resolution notes that alarming trends in the issue of eco-tax distribution arose immediately after the legislative changes in 2015. “Until 2013, funds (received from eco-tax,“ Apostrof ”) were sent to a special fund of the State budget, since 2014 it is a general fund. Since 2015, the norm that allowed enterprises to receive part of environmental tax funds for the implementation of environmental taxes has been excluded. activities, “the document says. Thus, in 2018 alone, more than 4 billion hryvnia of taxes passed by environmental measures. “Ecological tax in Ukraine is considered as a fiscal function, and not directed at solving environmental problems … Funds spent on environmental improvement of the country are insufficient and far less than the size of the environmental tax paid by polluting enterprises,” the experts’ conclusions say.