The main novelty prepared by Gneuss for the exhibition in Moscow was the new SFneos filter model. In addition, the company will present its developments in the field of extrusion and measuring technologies aimed to improve the quality and productivity of the process
processing, primarily recycled polymers.

Melt filtration systems. Gneuss will be exhibiting several different models of its patented rotary filtration systems. Hallmark. The design of these continuous systems is the presence of a disk with cells located in a circle of filtering elements. With this design, replace
filtering elements can be performed on part of the disc, not located in the melt channel, without stopping the production process.
The new SFneos filter model was developed for in order to combine the characteristics of several older models to get one simple and
cost-effective solution that offers following advantages:
– guaranteed constancy of melt pressure even when replacing filter elements;
– Applicability for most types of polymers and various melt viscosities;
– compact design with increased active area of ​​the filter element (up to 2370 cm2);
– simplicity, safety of maintenance and operation with simultaneous access to several filter elements to perform their replacement;
– high economic efficiency thanks to an advanced filter design.
SFneos is the ideal filtration system for applications where the main requirements are ensuring a continuous and stable production process, as well as the constancy of melt pressure, but it does not require backwashing filter elements. SFneos 90 filter on display at the stand
has an active area of ​​the filter element 260 cm2. Another RSFgenius filter system model has built-in self-cleaning function and is designed to
applications that impose very stringent requirements on the quality of the final product. Filtering elements can be reused up to 400 times, with this change occurs automatically, as a result, filter fineness of less than 10 microns / 1200 cells is achieved. Presented at the exhibition this year, the RSFgenius model 330 will be the largest filter at the company’s booth Gneuss. Active filter area of ​​this filter is 2150 cm2.

Gneuss will also show two filters at the exhibition with replaceable filter elements of the KF series: KF 75 with an active area of ​​44 cm2 and KF 110 with an active area of ​​95 cm2. KF Series Continuous Filtration Units specially designed for applications where often changes the type, brand or color of the material where high pressure is used, for example, in the manufacture of blown films. Gneuss has also developed a new
CSFprimus melt filter model with a semi-continuous principle of operation. It is intended for providing pre-filtration of the melt in order to protect the melt pump or filter more fine cleaning. CSFprimus is characterized by a very large active filtration area with its compact design.

Extrusion technology.

Gneuss extrusion know-how will be on display on the example of a complete technological installation (abbreviated GPU). They are produced by the company more than decades and have proven themselves in the field of processing highly contaminated materials without preliminary drying, especially PET waste with a low bulk density (bottle flakes, industrial fiber and film waste), as well as polystyrene waste,
nylon and other hydrophilic polymers. The GPU installation, which will be shown at the stand, consists of a second-generation extruder MRS110 with a multi-rotational system, fully automated RSFgenius 90 and in-line melt filtration systems VIS viscometer of a new design for intelligent automatic control of dynamic viscosity. The plant is capable of processing up to 600 kg / h of non-dried and non-crystallized PET