In Denmark, will open the ski slope on the roof of the plant for recycling “Amager Bakke”. This summer, before the opening of the artificial track, Swedish freestyler Jesper Teeder received permission to test it at an Audi Nines event. To watch the video before the end of the news.

The slope is going to open in October of this year. Then the residents of Copenhagen will be able to ski directly in their city, on the roof of a hybrid waste processing plant, reports the resource “waste-management-world”.

The plant “Amager Bakke” processes about 400 thousand tons of garbage. At the same time, the hybrid plant produces heat for 60,000 households per year from the garbage of Copenhagen residents and supplies electricity to over 30,000 houses.

Swedish freestyler Jesper Tieder tests an artificial slope on the roof of the Amager Bakke waste disposal plant in Copenhagen


And in addition to everything, Amager Bakke becomes a local recreational area with hiking trails and an artificial ski slope 500 meters long high above the Öresund strait.

The example of Denmark shows that the direction “waste-to-energy plants” can not only solve the problem of waste disposal, energy production from them, but in parallel become a platform for people’s leisure.