Prices of imported black pipe polyethylene (PE 100) in China are falling amid weak demand in the domestic market, according to ICIS.

The situation with purchases on the Chinese market PE 100 has worsened since trade tensions between the United States and China escalated in May, despite the fact that this type of PE as a whole is not bought and sold between the two countries.

In the domestic market of China there has been a constant decline in prices of PE 100 since May. According to the source, the gap in prices between domestic black PE 100 in RMB, imported PE 100 in RMB and the import equivalent in US dollars is increasing.

Earlier it was reported that spot prices for black pipe PE100 on April 24 were in the range of USD1,290-1,310 per tonne, CFR China.

According to the Price Review ICIS-MRC, in Russia this week is quietly on the HDPE pipe market. In order to avoid a possible shortage in connection with the forthcoming stop on the prevention of facilities in Salavat, increased the production of natural pipe PE Kazanorgsintez. In the third decade of June, after a long break, plans to return to the operating time of this HDPE Stavrolen.
Also, some importers are announcing the resumption of supplies of HDPE pipe from Turkmenistan in the near future.