A mobile mobile station for processing 10 thousand tons of garbage per year was created and developed in the Poltava region. In the Poltava region managed to create a mobile station for sorting garbage. This is the online edition of Gazeta.ua.
A feature of the invention is that the waste sorting equipment itself is located in a trailer and is not tied to a particular locality. This station is convenient to deploy in places of accumulated waste, which will save on the delivery of debris to the sorting station. Also, an additional advantage is the income from recycled waste.

The enterprise for the production of the enterprise is located in the village of Scherbani, Poltava region. The cost of one such installation is 1.4 million hryvnia, which is half the cost of building a stationary sorting line. For transportation can be used tractor.

The capacity of such a device is 10 thousand tons of garbage per year. Capacity – up to 5 tons per hour.

“We have been producing sorting lines for more than a year. And mobile is innovation. In the first days of May we will send it to the customer. Pre-tested on the territory of our company. Representatives of OTG from different regions are invited to the demonstration. The topic is very relevant – communities unite en masse, but it is difficult for them to solve some issues. For example – where to carry the trash. Our line allows you to move it to the waste dump, “- explained the employee of the enterprise.

At the station, there can work 2-6 final brute force operators and one installation operator. The first such line was acquired by Veselovskaya rural united territorial community of Zaporozhye region. Perhaps the next mobile sorting station will go to the Lubensky district of the Poltava region, tender procedures are underway for the Zasulskaya OTG, which unites 28 villages.