The reclamation of the notorious Gribovichi landfill started this summer in the Lviv region.
This summer, the reclamation of the Gribovichi landfill in the Lviv region will start. This is the press service of the city council of Lviv.
The first stage of reclamation will begin in the summer with funds from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). During this stage, the landfill will be leveled, the degassing system will be installed and the filtrate will be cleaned. Officials are planning for two years to carry out a full landfill reclamation.

At the first stage of work, landfill skolons will be leveled to prevent collapses and the landfill will return to its borders. The fact is that the garbage at this dump went beyond its established perimeter.

“In parallel with the setting of slopes, installation and launching of equipment for the landfill drainage will take place. And in the fall, a new filter cleaning system should be made: right now a tender is underway to determine the winning company. Therefore, for the first time in all the years of talking about the need for the reclamation of the Gribovichi landfill, we begin a real solution to this problem. This is made possible by an international project with the EBRD, ”said Vadim Nozdrya, director of KP Green City.

There will also be carried out work on leveling the landfill and further covering the landfill with a technological protective screen with a thickness of more than 60 centimeters. This screen consists of rubble, sand and waterproofing protective membrane, which will make it impossible to get the precipitation inside, and then lead to the formation of filtrate.

After this biological reinstatement will be carried out. Experts plan to create a fertile layer within two to three years. At this time, shrubs, bushes, small plantations with shallow root systems will be planted so as not to penetrate the protective layer. After a while, the dump will look like a huge public garden.

The reclamation of the Gribovichi landfill is part of a comprehensive plan to solve the problem of waste in Lviv. In two years, the city will build the first in Ukraine modern waste-processing complex with the European technology of mechanical and biological waste treatment, reclaim the landfill and introduce a new waste management system.

The system will include sorting of dry and wet debris, secondary raw materials and arrangement of separate sites for electronics, bulky and construction debris. In 2019, an organic waste composting station will open.

Lviv has already received for this purpose a 25 million euro loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a 10 million euro grant – irrevocable financial assistance from environmental funds. The contribution of the city will be 6.75 million euros.

Recall that in 2016, the Lviv adminsud ordered the executive committee of the Lviv city council to stop the activities of the Gribovichi landfill.