The week remained until the opening of the main business event of the Russian packaging market – the 24th international exhibition of the packaging industry RosUpack, where manufacturers and suppliers of packaging equipment, finished packaging and labels, packaging materials, raw materials and equipment for packaging production traditionally meet with managers and specialists from Russian and foreign companies in various sectors of the economy who need to choose a supplier of packaging equipment, materials, raw materials or finished packaging specified parameters.

The exhibition has been held for almost a quarter of a century and annually demonstrates to the Russian market novelties and trends of the global packaging industry, from materials, equipment and technologies to trends and styles of modern packaging design for various categories of goods.

In the ever-changing packaging industry, new styles come and go, the needs and desires of consumers change and evolve, and brands are always looking for a really effective way to promote their markets, especially with the help of packaging.

In 2019, according to foreign experts *, at least five fundamental trends will develop.

1. Flexibility

Flexible packaging has developed at a rapid pace in the last few years. As an example, we can cite the figures of the industry report of the American company Flexible Packaging Assn. **, where flexible products account for 19% of the packaging materials market in the United States. Much of this growth is due to advances in materials and manufacturing — environmentally friendly plastics have become widely used, new initiatives have emerged on recycling packaging that have expired, which have increased the popularity of flexible packaging.

Flexible packaging has a number of other advantages – the customer can easily use it, can be reused, the form adapts to the conditions of transfer and storage, and it is light. This is especially important for optimizing logistics costs in retail and e-commerce. And reducing transportation costs ultimately serves to reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

More than 130 companies from Russia and many foreign countries: Germany, France, China, Iran, Korea, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey will present flexible packaging and polymer packaging at RosUpack 2019.

Their new equipment and materials for the production of flexible packaging will show the company VOTERFOLL (unique films that have no analogues in Russia), Dmitrovsky plant of flexible packaging, Manufactory of flexible packaging, Flex Films Rus and others.

2. Changes in e-commerce

It’s no secret to anyone that every year e-commerce is growing at an increasingly rapid pace. Many traditional stores are closing as they are crammed into online formats that will soon take a dominant position in the market. This is a common global trend that seems to affect Russia to the full.

In e-commerce, brands need to stand out with packaging. In 2019, the packaging will become much more personalized. We will see more and more unusual packaging design options, both with innovative tricks for attracting attention, and simply more attractive to the eyes. Digital markers (“instant codes”), short-range communications (NFC), radio frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth and Augmented Reality (AR) will be actively used.

Another important factor in e-commerce packaging, which will grow in importance this year, is the amount of packaging brands use. All packaging materials used must be carefully considered. Too much packaging will give the brand a reputation for being environmentally harmful, while “poor” packaging will make the brand cheaper – and even trite products may be damaged during transportation.

On June 18, within the business program of RosUpack, the conference “Packaging Today and Tomorrow: What Will Change Under the Influence of Global and Local Trends?” Will take place, during which Russian and international experts will analyze the current state of the global and Russian packaging market and give forecasts for the future directions for the development of packaging solutions in conjunction with changes in society and will mark the growth points and sources of business efficiency for packaging manufacturers.

3. Environmental Consumer Consciousness

Every year the influence of packaging on our planet attracts more and more attention of people. Many brands have already successfully picked up this trend and changed their packaging in the direction of using paper or hemp – biodegradable non-toxic materials that do not harm people and the environment. This has a positive effect on both the ecosystem and the brand’s reputation. The more unusual materials used in the production of packaging, such as mushrooms and algae, are gaining popularity.

Reducing the number or replacement of materials in the package has other positive effects – the weight of the product is reduced, which means that less energy is required for its transportation and, accordingly, there will be less carbon footprint.

At RosUpack, it will be possible to get acquainted with the mechanical equipment for the production of biodegradable packaging – it will be presented by Chinese companies ZHEJIANG DAYUAN MACHINERY CO., LTD., ZHEJIANG ZHUXIN MACHINERY CO., LTD and ACHEM TECHNOLOGY (NINGBO).

4. Less is more

Reducing packaging to the required minimum as a trend has long become popular, especially in the second half of the 20th century, when minimalism in packaging design was at its peak. The style is relevant and is now and will continue throughout 2019. This is partly due to the fact that the minimalist style implies a reduction in the amount of materials used. This not only reduces production costs, but also makes the brand image popular among environmentally conscious consumers.

The greatest strength of minimalism in the modern era is its clarity. As soon as the consumer pays attention to a particular brand, he becomes more attentive to the “tricks” with which the manufacturer tries to keep his attention and convert it into loyalty. If a product uses little text to accurately explain what it contains, simplicity means transparency, which will reward the brand with increased consumer confidence and, ultimately, loyalty.

On June 20, RosUpack will host the conference “Packaging Design: How the Consumer Changes Your Business”, which no doubt will be of interest to designers, marketers and brand managers, creative and art directors of agencies, as well as anyone interested in getting expert information from the first hands on how to make a strong brand, develop competitive packaging and successfully rebrand products. In the international panel discussion “Megatrends at gunpoint: the future has already come,” moderated by President of the European Association of Branding and Packaging Design (EPDA), managing partner of the brand agency Factor (Hamburg) Uwe Melikhar, internationally recognized experts will tell about the megatrends of modern packaging design: WINWIN Design founder, jury member of the RED DOT Award Rennes Angelva, creative director and co-owner of DDVB Dmitry Peryshkov, packaging director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Metsä Board Ilkka Harju, creative director Op MILDBERRY Igor Mospanov, art director Depot Branding Agency Eugenia Struk and others.

5. The power of nostalgia

Finishing our “top five trends”, it is impossible not to mention another style that many brands have used and will continue to use in 2019 – this is vintage packaging.

In order for packaging to be innovative and modern, brands must constantly follow promising trends and be aware of style changes. Failure to keep pace with competition will make packaging look outdated and dull.

You can go to the other extreme: to create a package with a deliberate retro-feeling. This trend has become popular in recent years, especially in the food segment. Consumer endorsement of style is rooted in nostalgia — in a reminder of the past of the consumer, in an emotional response painted in pink. Vintage packaging looks like genuine – which means that the consumer will instinctively trust the product more than the product in a modern unfamiliar design.

For many brands, vintage packaging has become a viable and potentially profitable option, saving them from the risks associated with innovation and the creation of something unique.

In the virtual world, technology creates the “inclusion” of innovative packaging, while consumers demand environmental solutions to clean and preserve the real world. How to combine both sides, apply the most environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly materials, while reducing production costs, how to recycle hundreds of thousands of tons of packaging already on the planet – all this can be learned at RosUpack 2019 at Crocus Expo.