The economic inexpediency of taking recyclables will lead to the fact that Ukraine will process recyclables from other countries, and will continue to throw away its own.

In Ukraine, recyclable reception centers are being closed due to economic inexpediency, since cheap recyclables from Europe are entering the market.

This was during a round table on ways to solve problems with garbage, said the founder of the public organization “Ukraine without garbage” Evgenia Aratovskaya. “There are recycling centers that are closed in most cases. It would seem that everyone sortes, rejoices, but does not develop throughout Ukraine, because there are factors that the direct economy does not work here at all. And factors such as a decrease in the cost of recyclables are added The price is falling constantly. The paper was 2.5 hryvnias per kilogram, today it is 50 kopecks, 1 hryvnia and even 10 kopecks. It’s also a plastic bottle: it could be handed over for 8-11 hryvnias, and the enterprise in Fastov could make a synthetic winterizer from this. Today this bottle costs 3-4 hryvnias. That is, the procurement market is not economically protected, “she said. According to Aratovskaya, very cheap recyclables come to Ukraine from abroad, because the principle of extended producer responsibility works there and the model of refinancing the recyclable materials market works.

“Due to the fact that procurers abroad in Europe receive additional funding for their activities, they can give us excess of their recyclables, and because of this, our procurers inside the country find themselves in uncompetitive conditions, the market just dies. Soon we will recycle recyclables for others countries, and we’ll continue to throw away our own, “the expert emphasized. Help UNIAN. By secondary raw materials we mean products or materials that, after they have been used, can be used again after certain processing or processing operations. Waste recycling is essential not only to maintain a normal environmental situation in the world, but also from an economic point of view. Recycling, for example, polymers, plastics, glass, paper, asphalt or metals is much more profitable than their primary production.