The world manufacturer of plastic construction sets, the Danish company LEGO, from 2021 plans to abandon plastic bags for packing cubes and switch to paper ones, the company said in a press release.
“We want our packaging to be as easy as possible for consumers to recycle. Plastic recycling facilities are not very common, so we decided to make our packaging out of recyclable paper,” said Tim Brooks, vice president of environmental responsibility for the LEGO Group.
The paper packaging will come in two colors – white and brown. The company will continue to test different design options over the next five years. The packaging of LEGO bricks is now transparent so that consumers can see what parts are inside.
“With paper bags, kids don’t have this option, but in testing we found they enjoyed the moment they opened the package,” Brooks said.
Over the next three years, the company plans to allocate about USD400 million to sustainable development programs and, in particular, to neutralize its carbon footprint.
LEGO also wants to expand its R&D work to find new materials for parts to replace plastic. The company plans to eliminate oil-based plastics by 2030, and some kits are already made from sugarcane-based plastics.