In the world, a new type of training is gaining popularity, which allows you to keep fit and clean the streets from debris at the same time. The term comes from the Swedish words jogging, jogging, and plocka upp, pick up. Now this fitness trend is promoted in countries around the world.
The essence of ploggings is to take care not only of their own health, but also of the environment. All that a beginner plunger needs is a sturdy garbage bag, gloves, and no squeamishness.
According to the Lifesum fitness app, which tracks user calories, this type of workout is much more effective than just running.
It is noted that some ploggers do extra exercises when picking up trash. Thus, it helps to maintain a normal pulse.
Thanks to numerous photos and posts in social networks, the trend has become known worldwide. The #plogging hashtag makes it easy to find runners picking up trash in France, America or Thailand.
The runner increases the load, because to lift the bottle or the wrap, you need to bend down or sit down. Experts estimate that in half an hour of plopping a person burns an average of 288 calories, which is comparable to an hour of jogging.