In order to wrap products in film, the material needs to be further improved. Ukrainian engineers have developed an environmentally friendly film for packaging goods. She wants to replace plastic bags.

The material consists of plant matter, so these packages can even be eaten. Correspondents “Today” found out about the new material and tried to taste eco-pastik.

Plain plastic is bad for the environment. Therefore, earlier created the so-called eco-bags. But they do not decompose completely.

Eco-packages consist of corn starch with plastic impurities. Such disposable dishes decompose half a year under certain conditions. When decomposed, they are divided into particles, and part of the plastic remains. That is, such packages also need to be composted.

Plastic can completely replace the film from plants. From water, it quickly soaks and then becomes fertilizer.

Dmitry Bidyuk, a process engineer from Sumy, investigated the jelly by spilling some of the substance onto a laboratory table. By the morning it dried up and became a film. Then he realized that it can replace the indecomposable polyethylene.

Vegetable film will be more expensive than polyethylene by 20-30%. And manufacturers are ready to produce such packaging. The inventor hopes that Ukrainians will be able to walk with soluble packages in a year. But to wrap a chicken in it, for example, is not known when they can.

“We need to add other components that will make it tougher and more resistant to water,” said scientist Dmitry Bidyuk.

Over the past three years, the export of goods in Ukraine has increased, moreover, 80% of packaging in Ukraine is spent on food products.

To continue to carry products abroad, you need to find materials that are harmless to nature. Because today in many countries at the level of state programs plastic is prohibited. Unlike Ukraine, where the rejection of it remains the personal choice of each.