Following the EU countries that introduced a ban on disposable plastic bags, Ukraine proposed to ban the sale of plastic bags up to 50 microns thick from January 1, 2022.

The initiator of the bill number 2051−1 was the deputy of the faction “Servant of the people” Igor Krivosheev.

“Ukraine and other members of the international community are facing a global problem associated with the use and disposal of plastic bags. After analyzing the current situation and calculating the economic consequences of such thoughtless handling of polymers, the world community is actively trying to rectify the situation, ”the explanatory note to the document says.

According to the document, the ban does not apply to ultralight bags with a width of up to 225 mm and a thickness of up to 15 microns without side folds, a depth of 345 mm with side folds and a length of up to 450 with handles, used as packaging for fish and meat, bulk products and ice.

The bill provides that non-compliant packages that remain at the time of the ban must be disposed of by buyers.

Deputies also proposed introducing fines for the sale of plastic bags or oxo-degradable bags under the guise of bio-packages.

People’s deputies estimated that every Ukrainian uses about 500 plastic bags, while in the EU – 90 bags. Only about 6% of their total number were later sent for processing. In Ukraine, more than 500 discarded plastic bags per person per year.

Recall, from September 1, 2017, a ban on disposable plastic bags came into force in Brussels. In Europe, the procedure for rejecting another plastic in everyday life was initiated in 2018. It was forbidden to produce and use cotton buds for ears, disposable plastic spoons, forks, knives, plates, glasses. Plastic must be replaced with decaying materials. The ban also applies to straw straws, plastic fasteners – clamps for balloons.