Today it’s fashionable to talk about global warming and other abstract things, but for some reason ecologists are silent about the dishonest behavior of the largest consumer in the world – the United States, which literally overwhelms the poor countries of the world with its plastic garbage.

According to Western journalists, more than a million tons of plastic waste is sent annually from the richest country in the world to the poorer countries.

Where did the USA take and take out their plastic waste?

A few years ago, China received the lion’s share of plastic waste from the United States for recycling. However, they still decided to stop the process – it is too harmful for the environment, and since 2017, the import of plastic waste into the country has been strictly prohibited. Washington had to look for new countries to store its plastic waste.

Given the fact that plastic waste is quite harmful to the environment, as well as its simplest recycling, states willing to accept American waste must be either poor or politically dependent on the “bulwark of democracy.” And they were found. They were, for example, Malaysia and Vietnam, which agreed to accept American plastic despite their own problems with waste.

However, what can’t you do for the sake of the “freest country in the world”, especially if local officials are sufficiently motivated (this is supposedly only corruption in the USA).

Until a certain time, the scheme worked, and some of the plastic was even recycled, at the cost of the health of local residents and the state of the environment. But now Vietnam and Malaysia have decided that they will soon limit the acceptance of waste plastic.

New Third World countries to receive trash from the USA

After Malaysia and Vietnam, comparing the pros and cons, decided not to accept plastic waste from the United States in the foreseeable future, the search began for other countries ready to become landfills for American waste.

And they were found, because in order to receive money (by the way, not very large) it is enough “just” to accept ships with garbage plastic. Of course, local authorities and officials “helped a lot” in this matter.

So American trash can now be seen in other countries of Africa and Asia. Such as Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Laos, etc. They are already littered with the beaches of Cambodia, of course, there is no talk of recycling – the main thing is to remove waste from American eyes and let them be considered in Asia and Africa.

Moreover, the entire arsenal of means is used to resolve such issues – from “gratitude” to the authorities and officials to direct political pressure.

Turkey as a voluntary American trash dump

The only exception from the general number of countries is Turkey. She voluntarily accepts up to 500 thousand tons of American plastic waste per year. But not only him – ships with plastic also go to Turkish ports from Europe.

Most of it goes for processing, some for burial. This is a conscious state policy, which has been carried out for several years. Most likely, it has more politics than economics.

An important detail – in 2019, almost 200 states of the world signed an agreement on the inadmissibility of exporting plastic waste to African and Asian countries, but of course the United States was not among them.

Their ships with hazardous plastic garbage are still frequent guests on these continents and in the future their number will only grow – after all, they are not going to introduce a ban on plastic, as in the EU.