The European market for polymeric materials may show a decrease of 1.5%, says Mikhail Katsevman, director of science and development at NPP POLYPLASTIC, in the corporate publication of the company.
So, according to him, the European plastics processors are under serious pressure from the media, politicians and environmentalists to reduce the consumption of plastics, while the European Parliament has approved a directive to ban disposable polymer products.
All this can lead to a drop in the market of polymer materials by 1.5% per year. In contrast to Europe, the Russian market, on the contrary, is showing a certain growth, which is due to the general lower level of consumption of plastics in comparison with European countries, China and the USA. However, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, which had an impact on absolutely all sectors of the economy, it is difficult to predict whether this growth will continue until the end of the year.
Among the main problems of the Russian polymer industry, Mikhail Katsevman noted the low availability of raw materials and pricing principles aimed at short-term profit making, problems with the quantity, quality and assortment of raw materials supplied, as well as the low level of training of specialists and low production efficiency.
Earlier it was reported that NPP POLYPLASTIC plans to increase sales of compounds to 110 thousand tons by 2022.
NPP POLYPLASTIC specializes in the production of composite materials and polymer raw materials. Today’s range includes more than 250 brands of materials for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, the construction industry, the production of household appliances and electronics. The share in the Russian market of composite polymer materials for engineering purposes is over 35%.