Belgium-based associations of European plastics producers and processors, together with a local polymer research laboratory, have announced the formation of a consortium that plans to create a pan-European quality compliance program for plastics processors and agree on the recycled content calculation methodology used by the existing certification scheme, the association said.

“Such harmonization is essential to ensure that the relevant standards and regulations are met to stimulate a circular economy,” the group said in a statement.

“The program, called PolyCert Europe, aims to help companies verify that they meet quality standards and ensure that products meet customer specifications, whether they use primary or recycled polymers. At the same time, the goal is to provide processors with a quality certificate. and validation of processed content in processed products, ”the consortium explained.

The consortium includes the Brussels-based European plastics converters association (EuPC), the European Carpet and Rug Association (ECRA) and the European Single ply Waterproofing Association. The other founders are the Belgian independent laboratory Centexbel – VKC (Kortrijk) and the Belgian Quality Association (BQA, Ghent).

The group reported that PolyCert Europe was created to form a general conformity scheme that sets an international standard that complements and aims to harmonize existing certification schemes such as Plastica Seconda Vita, RAL, AENOR, and others.

As noted in the group, the compliance program is based on the principles of third-party audit. “This audit determination work must be carried out by an audit system based on a network of accreditation and certification bodies and independent auditors to ensure impartiality and reliability. The European network of accredited certification bodies will ensure the consistent implementation of the PolyCert Europe scheme throughout Europe,” added the group representative. The consortium said it is open to any interested parties, whether national or industry associations of plastics converters.