Lviv Mayor Andrei Sadovyi said that a waste processing plant will be built in two years in the city, the project has already begun.
“To build the factory“ number 1 in Ukraine ”with in-depth waste processing and to make high-quality land reclamation at the Zbyranka landfill,” he said.

According to Sadovoy, landfill rehabilitation is already underway.

“At the factory: tender procedures, our partner is the EBRD, the company that will build it will be determined. This is one of the very cool companies that has built many factories in Europe, ”he said.

Sadovy also added that now no one is hindering the construction of the plant.

“If earlier they used to say“ yes and yes ”in Jesuit, beat them in the forehead and created problems, now“ please, what you need to help, how to solve this or that issue, ”everything’s okay,” the mayor added.

Recall that the collapse of the garbage disposal system in Lviv occurred after a fire at a landfill in the village of Bolshoi Gribovichi, Zhovkovsky district, Lviv region. On May 30, 2016, at about 15:30, garbage crashed in a landfill. Under the rubble killed three firefighters and one communal.

Later, the Lviv authorities were forced to take out garbage to landfills in other regions of Ukraine, which caused resistance both from the local authorities and at the state level.

In July 2018, it became known that twelve companies from 11 countries applied for a tender for the construction of a plant for the mechanical and biological processing of municipal solid waste in Lviv.