Now the Riga thought has to agree with the enterprises which will take out garbage. The Latvian government has declared an emergency situation in connection with the garbage recycling crisis in Riga.

The decision was made at an extraordinary meeting on September 11. The heads of the ministries of agriculture, welfare, finance, internal affairs, culture, environmental protection and regional development spoke in favor of the introduction of emergency situations. The Ministers of Justice, Communications, and Education and Science did not support this initiative.

Now, after the announcement of the emergency regime, the Riga City Council will have to conclude agreements with enterprises that agree to take out garbage from September 15.

Earlier, Tiriga waste management company won the tender and received the right to garbage in the Latvian capital over the next 20 years. However, the opposition of the Duma and the Competition Council opposed this idea.

The Competition Council ordered the Riga City Council to again conclude agreements with four garbage companies that used to serve city residents. Contracts with former businesses expire on September 15th.