95% of garbage is disposed of directly at landfills, it is illegal and dangerous. Now in the Lviv region a group of the State Environmental Inspection is working, checking illegal dumps. Head of the State Environmental Inspection Andriy Malevany told about this in an exclusive interview with Delo.ua.
“Now in the Lviv region there is a group on waste, on unauthorized garbage dumps, on the lack of sorting. There are already dozens of administrative protocols. I think that in the near future we will receive protocols for the head of the regional administration,” the state manager emphasized. According to him, unauthorized landfills are a serious problem in Ukraine. The legislation provides for preliminary sorting of garbage, either at the landfill or at the source of waste (for example, separate containers – Delo.ua). “In reality, 95% of garbage is disposed of directly at landfills. This is mixed waste, together with hazardous waste. In fact, this is massive poisoning … But many communities make money on it without investing in the environmental friendliness of the process,” says Malevany.
According to the head of the State Environmental Inspection, state enterprises and local communities also receive fines for violating environmental legislation. “Crime and punishment in terms of ecology applies both to businesses, individuals and communities, to the state. Sometimes you have to act harshly: sanctions, revocation of licenses, closure, imposition of fines. And then the conditional village head, having received this problem, thinks:” Yes, indeed, I will reduce a little here, invest better in treatment facilities and stop dumping sewage into the river directly. ”The problem with the government or the utility is that it’s more complex, creative work. There are critical infrastructure facilities that cannot be closed. these are not economic losses, these are risks for life. But sometimes, if not “cooked”, it does not work, “concluded Malevany.
As one of the latest examples, the state manager cited a fine to the director of the Snovsky forestry enterprise for deforestation during an unauthorized period. “A hot example of a fine to the director of a state enterprise is Snovsky forestry, Chernihiv region, UAH 10 million of damage, work in an unauthorized period,” said the head of the State Environmental Inspection.