Not far from Kharkov, the construction of a modern large-scale garbage processing complex is underway. A unique project for our country is being implemented through investments from the World Bank, Inform-UA writes. According to the press center of the Kharkov City Council, the company is being built on the territory of the Dergachevsky solid waste landfill. The general contractor is a company from Poland. The total project cost is more than forty million dollars.
The first phase of the facility will be completed in the near future. At the moment, half of the new waste collection site has already been built. By early October, it is planned to complete auxiliary facilities at the site for industrial waste recycling. Filtration and cleaning systems will also be equipped. The entire complex is planned to be commissioned before the end of 2019. It will be with sorting lines, conveyors. The landfill will completely make a new one. And the one that is operating now is being rehabilitated, biogas will be extracted here
According to Yuri Suyarko, director of the municipal enterprise Municipal Waste Management Company, the complex’s generators will convert biogas to electricity. It is planned to implement it at the “green tariff” rates in the electricity market to the operator. The company is going to direct the received profit to repay the loan. Yuri Suyarko also emphasized that the plant will introduce the latest technologies that meet European standards. Thanks to them, there will be no gas emissions into the atmosphere, nor will the soil be polluted by the filtrate. So, the ecology of settlements is not in danger, there will be no unpleasant odors. According to the project, the complex is designed to receive and process garbage for fifteen years. At the same time, after separate waste collection is introduced in the Kharkiv region, the service life of the enterprise will increase significantly.