A waste recycling complex will be built in Kiev, which will process 700 thousand tons per year and will include a sorting stage. This was announced by deputy chairman of the KSCA Peter Panteleyev, reports Gazeta.ua.

“In October 2017, the National Waste Management Strategy was adopted, and in February 2019, the National Plan. The updated legislative framework is only a few months old. However, Kiev is preparing its own regional waste management plan for Kiev. This is a comprehensive document agreed with the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Natural Resources, ”said Panteleev.

This complex is needed in order to close the landfill of municipal solid waste No. 5 in the Kiev region.

Nardep Borislav Bereza wrote on Facebook that residents of Troeschina want schools, parks and kindergartens instead of a waste recycling plant.

“Unfortunately, I was right. The deputy chairman of the KSCA, Peter Panteleev, confirmed that they did want to build a garbage recycling plant in Troyeschina. Now the leadership will begin to make excuses and tell us fairy tales, hoping to “solve” this issue after the elections. Do not even hope. We want metro, schools, parks and kindergartens. A garbage factory will look great outside of Kiev. Or in Pechersk. Yes, even in the courtyard KMDA. You can bring garbage there, too, ”wrote Birch.

He also added that he wants people to listen to the opinion of the inhabitants of Troyeshchina and “not considered fools”.

“And we also want us not to be considered fools, and reckoned with our opinion. We can stand up for ourselves and we can unite. There will be no plant, complex or, as you call it, there will not be in Troyeschina! ”, Concluded Birch.