From April 2019, Kazanorgsintez will begin industrial production of metallocene linear low density polyethylene (LDL or LLDPE). Up to this point, polyethylene processors had to use only foreign brands of this product. Domestic counterparts on the market was not represented.
This was reported by Kazanorgsintez on March 25, 2019.
Kazanorgsintez will become the only producer of metallocene polyethylene in Russia.
Introducing domestic brands to the market will reduce the shortage of metallocene products and make them available to a wide range of polymer processors.
Metallocene linear polyethylene is currently one of the most sought after.
Its use in the production of plastic products gives a huge economic effect:
– reduced polymer consumption in the manufacture of the same volumes of the final product;
– weight of products decreases;
– strength increases.
Metallocene linear polyethylene is used for the production of stretch films, stretch hud films, high-strength general purpose films, lamination films, agricultural films, also used alone or as an additive to other types of polyethylene.
Kazanorgsintez produced the first metallocene products back in 2005 at a low-pressure polyethylene production and processing plant that had partially reconstructed.
Butene-1 was used as comonomer.
The brand PE2NT05-5 then mastered was considered one of the most promising.
However, in 2009, due to a number of opportunistic reasons, the company ceased production of this brand.
New production in 2019 was launched using hexene-1 as a comonomer.
As a co-monomer-modifier, hexene-1 is more effective than butene-1 and provides the best set of performance properties of the product being produced.
At the new stage of development of metallocene products, Kazanorgsintez aims to offer the processing industry the highest quality product that will be competitive metallocene brands LLDPE from such world brands as Sabic and ExxonMobil.
Now Kazanorgsintez has already started a dialogue with the largest processors on trial supplies.
It is planned to bring 2 brands of metallocene LDL for the production of films to the market – F2010M and F2030M.
Stamps differ in melt flow index (MFR).
They are characterized by MFI at 2.16 kg – 1.0 and 3.0, respectively.
The 1st grade of polyethylene is more viscous – for the release of a tubular film by blowing, and the 2nd is for the production of a flat-gap extrusion film.

Production technology

In the late 1970s. fundamental and applied research in the field of catalysis of the processes of polymerization of olefins brought a new class of metallocene catalysts to the sphere of technological interests of polyethylene producers.
A unique feature of metallocene catalysts is high efficiency, selectivity with respect to comonomers (higher alpha-olefins) and the uniformity of the nature of the active centers.
These catalysts also received another name – one-center.
Metallocene linear polyethylene is similar in its basic properties to linear low-density polyethylene obtained on classical Ziegler catalysts, but it has a number of distinctive features.
The main effect of the use of metallocene catalysts is that the comonomer-modifier (butene-1 or hexene-1) is evenly distributed over the entire spectrum of macromolecules formed during the copolymerization process.
That is, the product is characterized by high chemical homogeneity.
The applied effect of the use of metallocene linear low density polyethylene is a unique balance of the obtained film products in relation to the longitudinal-transverse strength properties, resistance to puncture and good weldability of films, the possibility of exploitation in a wide temperature range.
Kazanorgsintez, a member of TAIF, produces more than 38% of all Russian polyethylene and is its largest producer.
Kazanorgsintez produces more than 1 million tons / year of chemical products and occupies a leading place in the production of gas pipe polyethylene pipes, phenol, acetone, coolants, chemicals for oil production and the dehydration of natural gas.
In 2017, the company produced a record amount of polyethylene.
Recall that on November 22, 2018, Kazanorgsintez celebrated the 60th anniversary of its foundation and the 55th anniversary of the first product, launching 4 new pyrolysis furnaces at the ethylene plant.