Expandable polystyrene (PSV-S) contract prices in the United States in March were negotiated 16 cents per pound (USD353 per tonne) higher than the previous month due to rising raw material prices and shortages, ICIS reported.

A winter storm in mid-February on the US Gulf Coast caused much of US styrene production to be halted, at least temporarily, resulting in lower production figures from some PSV-S producers facing shortages of styrene feedstock …

PSV-S supplies were limited even before the hurricane, as sustained high demand led to a reduction in inventories over the past few months.

Earlier it was reported that Epsilyte (Woodlands, Texas), a leading producer of expandable polystyrene (PSV-S) in North America, plans to raise again March prices for all PSV-S grades in North America. Thus, the increase will amount to 7 cents per pound or USD154 per ton and will come into force on March 15 of this year.

According to the ICIS-MRC Price Review, under the pressure of a significant increase in monomer prices in foreign markets, Plastik (Uzlovaya) increased the cost of PSV-S by 15 thousand rubles this month. per ton. The cost of nodal granulate has reached a record level and is in the range of 141,000-143,000 rubles. per ton, CPT Moscow, VAT included. The cost of PSV-S produced by SIBUR-Khimprom will also increase. The plant’s March prices are still at the negotiation stage; the manufacturer plans to announce them to market participants this week.

Major North American manufacturers of PSV-S include Styropek, EPSilyte, Styrochem, Nexkemia and Dart Polymers.