Kazanorgsintez sent an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation with a proposal to ban the import of low-pressure polyethylene from Ukraine to Russia as a mirror measure against the actions of the Ukrainian government. This was reported by Interfax with reference to a company representative.

“The essence of the proposals is to apply mirror measures in relation to the actions of the government of Ukraine and to supplement the list of goods prohibited from import from the territory of Ukraine with polyethylene according to the TN VED code 3901209009,” a representative of Kazanorgsintez said.

He recalled that in December 2017, the Ukrainian government banned the import of polyethylene with a specific gravity of 0.94 or more, produced in the Russian Federation. The ban also affected the Tatarstan company.

“In parallel, Ukrainian producers began to supply their products to the Russian market through Belarus, bypassing customs payments. In fact, this leads to unfair competition on the part of Ukrainian companies. As a result of such actions, the potential for import substitution of the Russian petrochemical industry is reduced and tax payments to the budgets of various levels from domestic producers and processors of polyethylene are reduced, “said a representative of Kazanorgsintez.

KOS believes that Russian companies are able to fill the domestic market with their products.