The waste sorting complex in Mariupol will be one of the most powerful in Ukraine – in a year Mariupol will be able to sort about 126 thousand tons of waste. About this publication “Priazovsky Worker” said the head of the utility company “Landfill MSW” Victor Azizov.

The complex will be able to sort all incoming waste. A new bowl of the landfill will appear with it, on which not 100% of waste will be disposed of, as is happening today, but much less.

For the construction of a new landfill and sorting complex, about 164 million hryvnias are needed. They plan to receive funds from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

“The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is ready, I emphasize, only to consider the possibility of providing a loan, and this is a big step. The maximum amount of financing that the EBRD can provide is € 14.5 million. We are talking about the best outcome in this case. Having that kind of money, it’s possible to build not only a landfill and a sorting complex, but also to reclaim inactive landfills and, finally, seriously think about building a waste recycling plant, ”said Victor Azizov.

At the moment, the only active landfill is located in the Left Bank region. There is the burial of household, construction and some industrial waste. According to Victor Azizov, taking into account the current dynamics of the existing landfill, it will be enough for another three years.

“Mariupolites and city authorities are well aware that this cannot continue and should not. Indeed, on the one hand, we are losing potential revenues from the processing of recyclables, and on the other, we are filling the landfill as quickly as possible, ”said Victor Azizov.

To develop a new waste management concept, specialists from the French company Beten Іngenierie were involved. The company’s technical consultants analyzed the morphological composition of the waste.

“Based on the analysis, company specialists should offer us several scenarios of waste management, after which the best one will be chosen. Why do we turn to specialists of this level? Frankly, this experience is completely new for us, we just learn and don’t want to make a mistake, we try at each stage to evaluate all the pros and cons so that we don’t have to redo them later, ”added the Director of MSW Landfill.

As Viktor Azizov explained, in the future, sorted resources – plastic, glass, cardboard, metal – can be sold to large companies in Ukraine that are ready to purchase recyclables.

In the near future, the city will develop a program to attract people and organizations to separate collection of household waste.