Kharkiv will become the first city in Ukraine that will be able not only to collect, but also to process solid household waste. Starting in the spring of 2021, the city will receive electricity generated at the new waste processing complex. The video of the construction of the facility was published by the acting mayor of Kharkiv, Igor Terekhov.
– Work on the construction of the first in Ukraine complex for the processing of solid household waste continues. The opening is already this year, – said Terekhov.
The complex with a total area of ​​almost 40 hectares is located in Dergachi near Kharkov. It will have a sorting line, a recycling plant and four maps of the new landfill, two of which are already being completed.
Gas will be collected from landfills into a single system. This biogas will be used to produce electricity, which will be used for the needs of the city. Old landfills are reclaimed: sowed with grass and planted with shrubs.
It is planned that the production of energy from biogas will start in the spring of 2021, and by the end of the year the landfill will operate at full capacity.
Disposal of equipment
Since December 2020, a unique station for the disposal of household appliances has been launched in Kiev. Now you can hand over all the scrap there for free and not worry about the fate of the planet.
The organizers urge Ukrainians to be more responsible for such garbage. After all, the timing of its decomposition occurs over a long period. In particular, an ordinary small battery will lie in the ground for a hundred years, things made of aluminum – 220 years, a mobile phone – for a thousand, and glass – for more than 4 thousand years.