Such a garbage truck produced by the German company Quantron AG will go to the streets of Nuremberg in the coming weeks to collect household waste, Deutsche Welle reports. This car is fully electrified and does not have any additional petrol or diesel engines.

During the tests, it is necessary to find out how profitable the use of such models can be compared to diesel vehicles. Specialists of the city’s waste disposal and recycling company ASN will check the reliability in operation, receive their own data on the average mileage after fully charging the batteries, and also calculate how much the operation of such equipment will cost, in particular, the cost of electricity in real conditions, writes dpa news agency …

Based on these data, a decision will be made on the possible purchase of electric garbage trucks for Nuremberg. They are priced twice as expensive as the new diesel-powered models equipped with modern exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. At the same time, already about half of the ASN passenger car fleet consists of electric vehicles, the energy for which is taken exclusively from alternative sources.

In the fall of last year in Berlin, tests began on a Rosenbauer fire engine equipped with an electric motor, which will last until February 2022. According to city officials, it is the world’s first electric firefighter to enter service.

A battery charge lasts about an hour and a half, including powering the high pressure water pumps. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a diesel generator to generate electricity during longer operations. Compared to conventional models, it has a smaller turning radius and smaller dimensions with an equal load, which makes the electric vehicle more maneuverable and convenient for use in urban conditions.