Plastic processing company LLC Polymers buys plastic stretch film (LDPE) and stretch sinter.
We constantly buy waste:
• polyethylene thermoshrinkable;
• stretch film;
• stretch and TU films;
• polyethylene film.
Buying recyclables. I will buy LDPE, stretch, thermocontractable TU and pallet, stretch agglomerate (LDPE). I am looking for waste stretch. We will buy LLDPE HDPE stretch film waste. We buy a film polyethylene stretch.
We carry out the purchase of warehouse and industrial waste stretch film, pallet film used for wrapping goods, products and cargo on pallets. With a percentage of blockage of not more than 10%. Volume from 1 to 50 t / month.
It is possible to purchase waste stretch film mixed with LDPE polyethylene, since it is often not sorted.
We buy and recycle stretch film waste from winding pallets, pallets. Without labels, stickers, and other types of films. Volume from 1 ton.
We accept polyethylene production wastes, unsold products, various scraps, stretch film, packaging film from bottle crates, used polyethylene, film, stretch. Export of polyethylene, film, stretch. Purchase and export of polyethylene, stretch. Reception of film, polyethylene, stretch film is expensive. I will buy waste scrap marriage of plastics and plastic. Reception of stretch film waste. I will buy polymeric waste from the production of PE PP PS, PND. We accept wholesale plastic film throughout Ukraine. We accept wholesale plastic film. Point of reception of polyethylene. Reception point stretch film. Reception of scrap plastic. We buy scrap colored plastic pallets, PND-box. We buy polygon polymers.
I will buy plastic waste, pvd, pnd. Bottle caps. Polypropylene waste, polystyrene waste, boxes, polyethylene waste.
We will buy a polyethylene box, a polypropylene box, a polyethylene pipe. Canister pandas. Bottle of PND.
Admission Conditions: Transparent; Clean; Without print, paint, drawings, etc. May have slight pollution, not more than 2%. Lack of film of other varieties and species.
We are waiting for your phone calls:
(067) 5914939; (097) 4143954.
You can contact from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 – 19:00. Viber, whatsapp, telegram, instagram: polymers_kr
For more information, LLC Polymers website.