The head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Environmental Policy and Environmental Management Oleg Bondarenko said that a waste management system will be introduced in Ukraine. This should happen before the end of this year.

This was reported by the press service of the Servant of the People party.

“We plan to adopt in March as a whole bill No. 2207-1-d on the waste management system, which the country has been trying to introduce within six years,” the parliamentarian said.

According to him, in the last convocation, this initiative twice got into parliament, but was withdrawn from consideration mainly due to the lobbying of some financial and industrial groups.

“Thus, by the end of 2021, we will introduce a waste management system. Now, instead of creating new landfills, we will be able to recycle waste and even make money on it,” the head of the committee said.

Bondarenko stressed that the bill №2207-1-d introduces the same rules for waste management as in the developed countries of Europe.

“We also plan to deploy municipal separate waste collection, create transparent conditions for attracting investments for the construction of waste processing facilities, resolve the issue of landfills that pollute water and soil,” said the people’s deputy.

In addition, it is planned to introduce extended liability for manufacturers of goods.

“Separate collection, transportation and control of waste such as packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, vehicles, lubricants, oils, tires, textiles, etc. as part of household waste will not be financed from the tariff from the population , but at the expense of contributions from product manufacturers, “Bondarenko assured.