The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to prepare a package of laws to introduce a hierarchy of waste management operations, extended producer responsibility and the “polluter pays” principle based on EU regulatory directives in the fight against garbage collection. It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the program of the Cabinet, published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada on September 30, the Ministry of Energy and the Government plan to prepare a package of laws to introduce a hierarchy of waste management operations involving the use of recycled materials as raw materials.

Another government initiative is the introduction of extended producer responsibility, according to which it takes responsibility for the disposal of manufactured products, as well as the “polluter pays” principle, which assumes that enterprises that have a negative impact on the environment must bear the costs of measures to compensate for environmental damage.

Separately, it is indicated that the Cabinet of Ministers plans to introduce the manufacturer’s responsibility for the disposal of used batteries and batteries, waste electrical and electronic equipment.

“We will also define a list of waste, a list of the best available technologies for waste management operations, introduce a system of effective environmental taxes that will stimulate the prevention of waste generation and make landfills as economically unprofitable as possible,” the document says.

According to the program, the Cabinet of Ministers intends to create an electronic system for implementing licensing procedures in the field of waste management. According to the government’s plans, it will ensure the issuance of permits for waste management operations, the provision of waste declarations, the storage of reports from business entities and information and registration documents in this area.

“We will fill in the register of illegal landfills and landfills, structuring violations at the respective sites, significantly increase the environmental tax on waste disposal, which will contribute to other ways of waste management, in particular reuse, recycling, disposal, and direct it to finance the restoration of environmentally hazardous landfills” , – the document says.

In addition, the government plans to strengthen liability for unauthorized waste management.

The performance indicators in the document determined the increase in the number of Ukrainians who share garbage, an increase in the reuse and recycling of waste, a decrease in waste disposal by 30% (including household waste by 50%) and an increase in waste utilization along with energy production up to 2 million tons (in including household – up to 1 million tons).

In terms of the Ministry of Territories, the program contains the goals of increasing the share of recycled household waste from 3% to 15% and expanding to 90% the number of settlements in which the process of separate collection and processing of household waste is carried out with the participation of “expanded responsibility of the producer of commercial products in packaging”.

It is proposed at the legislative level to provide economic incentives for attracting investments in waste management infrastructure and provide legal mechanisms for concluding agreements with market participants that contain guarantees of return on investment.