A group of scientists from the American University of Illinois presented a new development – an additive to polymers. It changes the color of the material when it is stretched.

A new high-speed mechanophore was developed by scientists from the American University of Illinois. It is able to signal the imminent rupture of the material due to its excessive stretching.

Mechanophores are special molecules that are added to polymers. They are distinguished by their ability to create or break bonds under mechanical influence from the outside. However, their use was seriously limited due to the slow recovery from such exposure.

Oxazines have somewhat different properties. They can quickly switch between states in response to triggers and have a simpler switching mechanism. Scientists Jeffrey Moore and Nancy Sottos have developed a new sample of oxazine mechanophore and named it OX. It surpassed the rest of the molecules and proved to be capable of reversible color change.

Thus, the new development can be used in the manufacture of polymers, which are often subjected to physical pressure. The color indicator will allow you to determine when the material will rupture and, in the long run, can deprive the buyer of excessive spending.