Our company offers and produces services for the collection, sorting, transportation, recycling and disposal of packaging (packaging) actually used by the company for packaging and transportation of manufactured and imported goods (license of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine).

The execution of the works for the disposal of waste occurs in a manner ensuring the safety of life, health and the environment.
We guarantee:
• provide all necessary documents confirming the fact of disposal;
• the conclusion of the contract and removal of material in the shortest possible time ;
The customer is required to:
• over the phone to give more precise information about the kinds, the amount of waste destined for disposal;
• be issued in the form of the application.

The final cost of the order is determined by the specialist of the Department of enterprise declared for disposal of waste and its quantity.

We work for those companies, who are thinking about the environment and waste disposal, and this:

• utilization of industrial wastes;
• recycling of secondary raw materials;
• recycling plastic bottles;
• recycling of plastic waste
• recycling of polymers;
• recycling plastic.