Our company is ready to provide You with the following services recycling waste;

Services for the granulation of the crushed washed and dry raw materials of the Customer:

1. Granulation of the crushed polystyrene (UPM)
2. Granulation crushed LDPE/ HDPE
3. Granulation crushed polypropelene (PP)

In the case of the necessity of drying the crushed material cost of granulation increases by 30%.

Services for crushing, washing and drying of polymer films:

1. Crushing, washing and drying waste film of LDPE, HDPE and PS, PP
2. Crushing, washing and drying polypropylene big-bags
3. Crushing, washing and drying polypropylene woven bags

Services agglomeration of the films:
• Agglomeration PP, LDPE, HDPE, stretch films with sorting and without.

It is possible to consider options for delivery of the finished pellets.

We accept for recycling any complexity, different waste plastics by crushing, washing, drying and pelletizing.

We will be glad to cooperate with companies seeking ways of recycling waste polymers, as well as with companies that use secondary granules.