pttThailand’s PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC), the leading Asian petrochemical company, suspended production at the Low-Pressure Polyethylene (HDPE) plant in Map Ta Phut (Thailand) on May 24 to conduct planned maintenance work, ICIS reported a source close to Company.

It is planned that this enterprise with a capacity of 250 thousand tons of HDPE per year will remain closed for about 15 days. Thus, it is expected that the plant in Maput Fata will return to work on June 8, the source added.

Earlier it was noted that the PTTGC on July 28, 2016 stopped the HDPE plant in Maput Ta Futa for 8-10 days due to a shortage of supplies of raw materials – ethylene. The closure of the plant was due to the power outage at the site in Map Tu Fate, which led to the shutdown of some petrochemical complex enterprises, in particular, one of two PTT crackers.

In addition, as reported by the Market Report company, on June 19 last year, PTTGC had already shut down this HDPE plant for about two weeks due to a lack of ethylene.

According to DataScope of MRC, in April, external supplies of HDPE to Russia increased to 18.4 thousand tons against 17.9 thousand tons in March, local companies continued to gradually increase the volume of purchases of HDPE in Uzbekistan. In general, in January-April 2017 the total volume of imports of HDPE reached 61 thousand tons against 40 thousand tons a year earlier.

PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) was founded on October 19, 2011 after the merger of PTT Chemical Company and PTT Aromatics and Refining Company to become the flagship of the PTT chemical group. As a result of the integration, the total capacity of the company for the production of olefins and aromatics reached 8.2 million tons per year, and oil products – 280,000 barrels per day, making it the largest integrated petrochemical and refinery company not only in Thailand but also in Asia.