Confidence in the environmental inspection of Ukraine in the ports is very low, primarily due to unreasonable inspections of ships, which the inspection carries out quite often, said the head of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine (GDS) Ksenia Lyapina.

According to Lyapina, in addition to restoring order to the inspection in such a way that it acted with the regulatory authorities created for this, that is, with the Maritime Administration, and did not independently and unreasonably call on the vessel, the environmental inspection should introduce a European order of taking samples laboratory research, writes 24. “The credibility of our environmental inspection is very low. Because they” drink it myself, I walk myself “- they themselves establish the order, how they take samples, how they analyze them, and then they themselves produce a result. I want to draw attention to the fact that the same situation was once in the food industry. And it was solved by the European example.

It was established at the level of the law, at the level of rulings, the procedure, how the samples are selected, how the laboratory research is done, how many samples are immediately taken, what is the reference laboratory, where there is a control sample with which the dispute can then be resolved if it arose. We believe that we should do the same in seaports, “said the head of the GDS. As previously reported, due to the eco-inspectorate’s unwarranted inspections of vessels, insurance companies take very high insurance premiums from international vessels if they intend to call at ports Ukraine, which reduces the attractiveness of Ukrainian ports. ”

This is extremely negative, because in fact it is just a loss. Losses are borne by major carriers. At the international level, they signal this. And, as I have already said, it will simply lead to the fact that Ukraine’s seaports are worse than they are, and we need to increase the cargo turnover in them, ”said Ksenia Lyapina.