Semerak declared that this money is used inefficiently and need recalculation.

The distribution mechanism, the current eco-tax, needs to be revised, since it does not direct directly to environmental goals, said participants in the global economic forum with the support of the UN, which was held in Kiev, reports Channel 5. So, according to the Minister of the Environment Ostap Semerak, most of the environmental tax is not on the environment, but for other purposes. “Today in Ukraine, 45 percent of the funds that are paid from the environmental tax go to the general budget fund. And then, those people who decide how the general budget fund is divided, send these funds to education, health care, and the environment. , on the construction of roads. It is wrong, “- said Semerak. As previously reported, new legislative initiatives have already been registered in the Verkhovna Rada, which are positively assessed by the business.

So, according to Vladislav Varnavsky, the head of the environmental management department of Metinvest, the eco-tax reform will make the environmental tax truly effective. “The bills are quite simple, and they propose using up to 70 percent of the environmental tax on environmental projects of enterprises. That is, the company decides that it will implement the project, invests its own funds, and when the project is completed, the commissioning documents have already been signed “The company leaves at its disposal the part of the eco-tax that can cover these costs,” said Varnavsky. Earlier, the international company “Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih” said that despite the fact that payments on environmental tax are growing, they are not used in Ukraine for environmental purposes. At the same time, most of the money goes to the state budget, not to the local one, and is spent on anything, but not on the environment. It is necessary to change the mechanism of distribution and use of these funds, as well as to stimulate enterprises to invest in improving the environment, says Sergey Plechiko, financial director of Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih.