Ukraine is not the only country in Europe that has not yet introduced mandatory environmental monitoring.

About this OBOZREVATEL told Tatyana Lampik, the head of the Public Formation for the Protection of the Grmada Order “Environmental Patrol of the Dnipropetrovsk Region”, which is now at the international scientific conference “Environment and Safety” in Bulgaria.

“The Ecology & Safety Scientific Conference gathered this year scientists from 46 universities not only from Europe, but also from China. The reports mainly dealt with studies of the unsatisfactory state of rivers, soil studies. And only we talked about mandatory environmental monitoring. Because everywhere in the world it already exists “Everywhere except Ukraine. And the conference participants were very surprised that only public activists and public organizations are engaged in this,” Lampik said.

According to her, the experience of other countries confirms: only mandatory state monitoring can be effective. And Ukraine took on such obligations to Europe. However, as a result, a law was passed that gives questions of conducting environmental monitoring “for consideration by the enterprise.” And this creates a number of risks for the country.

“State permanent and mandatory environmental monitoring, firstly, will allow to control environmental pollution by enterprises. And secondly, it will become the basis for the development of DSNS and other competent services of measures for various emergency situations. What to do when an oil spill? How to reduce harm when a fire at the enterprise causes large emissions of sulfur or other hazardous substances into the air? Something happened to us, the media wrote about it – and that’s all. The state doesn’t do this especially “,” rit Lampik.

In addition, the mandatory environmental monitoring, in the opinion of the head of Ecopatrul, will allow monitoring that enterprises have measures that will allow localizing emissions of hazardous substances and environmental consequences of the environment.

“Most enterprises are ready for the introduction of mandatory state monitoring. Because it will not hang all sins on any one enterprise, which, relatively speaking, pointed a finger, and, after analyzing the results of research, pinpoint who is to blame. And punish him” – Lampik stressed.