We talk a lot about politics, war, prices, and much less talk about environmental issues. This topic is of great importance, but it is not often remembered by reporters in the news and even less often by ordinary citizens during dinner. If nothing is done, over time the problems only get worse. About the eight most popular will be discussed in the article.

“If our generation does not do the impossible, the unthinkable awaits us.”
Petra Kelly

By world standards, the ecology of Ukraine is in a terrible state. Our homeland is recognized as the dirtiest European country. The main problems of ecology should be solved in the near future. Otherwise, the situation may become critical.

Other countries in this matter have gone far ahead. In Sweden, almost 99% of waste does not go to landfills, but to recycling. In Denmark and the UK, much attention is paid to the “greening” of the fleet. Europeans sort garbage, try to refuse plastic bags. We should learn from them.

Ecological problems in our country

Poor water

About 75% of Ukrainians drink water that does not meet the requirements of the state standard.

Contaminated air

Residents of industrial regions are forced to breathe air, the proportion of harmful substances in which significantly exceeds the norm. The increase in the number of cars in big cities only exacerbates the situation.

Land degradation

Soil fertility decreases every year, the percentage of eroded land increases.


Systematic logging of forests is a common thing, although Ukraine is therefore classified as “low forest cover”. The negative consequences of irrational use can be observed now. This is a frequent intense flood in the western regions.

Hazardous geological processes

Mining regions are heavily affected by subsidence of the earth’s surface, pollution of surface and groundwater, and flooding of human settlements.

Household waste

Under landfills occupied 10% of the country. Talk about reducing this figure in the near future is not necessary.

Military conflict in the East

During the fighting in the Donbass hazardous production facilities were damaged. As an example, an oil refinery in Lisichansk, a ferroalloy plant in Toretsk, “Stirol” in Gorlovka. Frequent accidents at the mines. Front-line territories have become the place of burial of used and unused ammunition.

Chernobyl disaster

This item can be classified as “environmental problems of mankind.” The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 caused radiation contamination of more than 145 thousand square meters. km of the territories of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia. Since then, the condition of the affected areas has improved slightly. But the consequences of the disaster will be felt for a long time.

Sources of environmental pollution in Ukraine are quite diverse in nature. All of them have, to put it mildly, an undesirable influence on the conditions in which we have to live. Environmental problems of Ukraine and their solutions – an important topic that needs to be covered. Every environmental issue deserves special attention.

Caring for nature is everyone’s business

Nature must be loved and cherished. This is taught in school. But not every schoolchild and adult tries to follow this rule. The ecological problems of the world cannot be solved by the efforts of scientists alone. Elementary not to litter where it is clean, the power of every person.