Most recently in Moscow, a store called Zero Waste Shop. On the second floor window of a small shopping center with wax crayons it is written: “The shop without packaging: cereals, spices, pasta, flakes, nuts, dried fruits, cookies, household goods, hygiene products, jars, cotton bags”. This is the first store in Moscow that does not use plastic bags and wrappers, but sells goods by weight or by the piece.
The new store without packing is located in a clean, sunny, smelling wood and a mixture of spices indoors. Along the walls – racks, packed with all kinds of cans, transparent and metal containers. If you buy a “cat in a bag” in an ordinary store, focusing on the design of the package, then you can look at the product itself. A whole rainbow of spices in transparent jars – red chili, orange paprika, black and white sesame, pale yellow ginger, turmeric ocher. A little lower – sugar, pink salt, flour, pasta and cereals of superior quality. There are granola, several kinds of cookies, large jars with honey, tea and coffee, vinegar and butter. In large bottles – bottling shampoos, liquid soap, liquids for washing and other household means. Other items necessary for a non-waste life are sold here one by one: toothbrushes made of wood with replaceable bristles, reusable water bottles, metal and bamboo tubules for drinking with small brushes to clean them.

Larissa, the owner of the store, says she herself follows the concept of zero waste not so long ago. About a year ago, being the mother of two children, she decided to sort the garbage in her house:

– I realized that recycling is so difficult! I began to do all this myself, I could not find where the various materials could be handed over, at first I could not find it, only later I found a map of the points of utilization. In the area where I live, they were not at first, I had to travel very far, then there was one point … I tried to get the waste disposal point done in our village, but it’s inconvenient for some companies to go there, others are not profitable, others can not resolve it problems with our management company … I did not know anything, and it was very difficult for me. And then I saw the video first, and then Bea Johnson’s book “The House Without Waste” and received a ready-made practical guide.