Вторичная гранулаIt’s all the same polymer, only not of high density, but obtained under low pressure. It takes the second place in the distribution after LDPE. It is used everywhere, both at home and on an industrial scale. Products are very diverse: all kinds of packaging materials, barrels, boxes for food and petrochemicals, as well as pipes and building materials.

Due to the fact that a large number of polymers are produced, recycling is very important for the environment. Many products after recycling are produced, like their predecessors. For example, from bottles and buckets, make basins. And – this applies only to small goods, as properties change and large capacities are not so reliable.

A large amount of processing of petrochemicals and its purification in order to obtain raw materials leads to an increase in cost. Therefore, with the help of HDPE, the production cost is reduced. There is a two-layer production, it is more dense and uses a small amount of LDPE.

Another popular product from low-pressure polymers is the irrigation pipe. Such products do not work under pressure and are very in demand in production. To improve the quality characteristics of such a pipe, the product of primary processing is added to it.

Great expectations for recycling of secondary raw materials, are assigned today by construction organizations. At the moment, using a mixture of secondary and primary raw materials, produce panels for facing buildings and structures. Such plates are made under high pressure, so a lot of the primary polymer is required. But, at the expense of secondary raw materials, the price becomes competitive, and the quality does not fall. According to the forecasts of the builders, such material will soon replace the wooden products, for example, a terraced board.

Also a huge application, HDPE found in garbage containers. Now this kind of product is very in demand, as mankind is trying to restore order and beauty. Soon in each private house, there will be a small but very convenient tank on the wheels.